Drugstore Bargain Buy: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in "Celestial"

I am always being asked what lip color I'm wearing, and lately, my go-to has been a cheapie but goodie drugstore find by Rimmel London!  I've been OBSESSED with this liquid lipstick/lipgloss/lip lacquer for the past 5-6 months.  If you have never tried it, you are missing out.  Rimmel London's Show Off Lip Lacquer in "Celestial" is a creamy, conditioning pigmented lipgloss that is seriously comparable to my favorite Chanel Double Intensite Lipgloss in "Rose Quartz" !! The staying power is not bad - I don't need to touch up for several hours & even when the color fades, my lips are stained with a pretty pinky color so they don't look too shabby.  The color is absolutely perfect - it doesn't scream "I'm wearing a bright pink lipstick" and it's natural enough to wear with a dramatic eye look or no eye makeup at all.  *Confession - I even wear this lipcolor to the gym!

The best part is that this gloss is only $4.99 vs. my $35 Chanel lipgloss.  Let's face it - a girl can't always have her Chanel when the wallet's a bit tight!  It also lasts FOREVER.  I've been wearing this lip lacquer for the past 4 months (and reapplying roughly 2-3x a day) and it is now barely starting to show signs of emptying out.  This trusty alternative will be a staple in my purse from now on - so excuse me while I go order some more! 

New Product Spotlight: CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet, $45
Okay, Okay ... I know this is not exactly a newly launched product, but it is a new product for me.  I've been using this product on customers since it launched, but I never understood how amazing this foundation was until I used it for the first time on myself 2 weeks ago.  Lightweight, smooth, and matte - it quickly became my go-to foundation (I feel so bad for cheating on my beloved Missha BB Cream!).

The drawbacks of this foundation is that it is not long-wearing enough for my 12 hour workdays and it is not full coverage- I would say this gives a good 6 hours of wear before you start to notice your oilies coming out and it's time for a touch-up - but the flawless, smooth and natural finish that I get from this foundation is definitely worth it!

Hawaii for the Holidays

There is no better way to describe Hawaii other than paradise.  I was so blessed to spend a week in Honolulu (my first time!) with my boyfriend, where we explored the island from one end to another & probably gained 10 lbs in the process. 
View of the beach - 3 blocks from our hotel!
Even though it was 85 degrees every day we were there, the holiday spirit was still apparent every corner we turned. 

Garlic Shrimp, Lobster & Steak from the International Marketplace!

We literally had the BEST pastries from this local bakery - famous for their malasadas (which look like fried donuts topped with sugar & the inside is so soft that the bread literally melts in your mouth once you take a bite)

View of Waikiki Beach

After snorkeling at Hanuama Bay

One of our favorite restaurants during our stay - Murakame - all this food + drinks was only $19 ! 

As much as I enjoyed my nice, warm vacation, I missed this little guy:

Now it's back to business as usual and I cannot wait to share with you some packages that I received from Influenster (my #JollyVoxBox), TheBalm via Hautelook, and some Chanel goodies :-)  - To be continued!

Holiday WishList

via Pinterest 

With Thanksgiving just around the corner next week, I can't help but engulf myself into all the festive splendor (i.e. KOST 103.5 holiday music, 24/7! Wreaths, stockings, and all things glitter!). There is always something about the holiday season that just makes me want to shop, shop, shop.  This Christmas, I asked my boyfriend for this closet:

......of course I told him that if room permitted, I would allow him to have a corner ;-).  All joking aside though, I have so many beauty products that I want to add to my wishlist this season, some of which are replenishments for my personal stash, as well as for my kit, along with some fun goodies:

1. Some gorgeous YSL lippies:

via Makeup4All
2. My holy grail mascara base: Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base

3. More palettes: Another LORAC Pro Palette, or Laura Mercier Artist 2 Palette? I'm leaning toward the Artist 2 Palette for my wedding makeup kit -- sadly, this palette is LIMITED EDITION so I will most likely not get a chance to get my hands on this (unless I steal my sister's .. ) :

via Musings of a Muse
4. Some more SLEEK Makeup items - For those of you who are not familiar with this UK-based brand, I highly suggest you check it out! The prices are fabulous & inexpensive for the amount/quality of product that you get.  My favs? Their blushes (check out my review here), their face contouring kits (complete with contour powder + highlighting powder), and their inexpensive eyeshadow palettes.

Pictured: Pink Sprint

5.  Some more Real Techniques Brushes for my kit:
via LaceFleur

6. Some lovely Chanel compacts, my favorite Illusion D'Ombre cream shadows, moisturizing liquid foundations, and a good liquid concealer for my kit:

via Odd Dolly
What beauty purchases are you planning to make soon? I know my poor wallet will be crying after this, but I will definitely be one happy camper! :) 

What A Month!

My Loves!

It has been, as usual, an insane month for me.  Between working my corporate 9-5 job, weekends with Chanel, wedding gigs & short trips with the boyfriend, I have not gotten the chance to update this.  Here's a quick update of what I was up to during my month-long hiatus:

My sister & I took our dog, Toby, to the Rock & Roll LA Doggy Marathon.  How can you resist that face? ;-) 

My boyfriend and I flew up to San Jose for a quick getaway - We watched a couple get engaged at Santana Row and tried what I believe to be the BEST boba I've ever had - If you're ever in the San Jose/Milpitas area, I HIGHLY suggest trying Fantasia!  We had a cup every day... 

Last weekend, we stayed @ The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas - 3 days of soaking in the hot tub, lots of delicious food (Bachi Burger, my love!) and of course, we visited my girlfriend & her adorable newborn right before we left. 

Now that we're all caught up with what I've been up to - Did any of you order from Sephora's Friends & Family and VIB sales?  I was DYING for another Lorac Pro Palette & Shiseido Nourishing Eyelash Base ... but of course, good ol' Sephora was sold out of everything I wanted. 

Did you guys get your Sephora wishlist checked off? 

Earlier This Month

Hi Loves!

Here's a look that I did earlier this month:

Quick 411: Steph's concerns were mainly her oily-skin and monolids.  We took care of that with Murad's Skin Brightening Primer (face) and Too-Faced Shadow Insurance (eyes).  I gave her a flawless complexion using Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation (LOVE this for anyone who wants their makeup to last all night!) and contoured with Sleek Makeup Contour Powder in "Light".  I created a gradient smokey eye using my trusty LORAC PRO Palette and a pair of beautiful lashes from Red Cherry

Steph was extremely happy with her enhanced look!  What do you think? :)

Photoshoot - Daytime Vixen vs. Nicki Minaj-inspired Look

I was so happy to work with Jade last week for a fun pop-up shoot!  *I apologize in advance - we did this pretty late at night so there was no natural lighting - the photos did turn out a bit funky because I took her "before" photo when the sun was still out, and the other photos were all taken after nightfall, with flash. 

We opted for a pretty, smokey yet subtle look for our first set of photos.  I really wanted to highlight her beautiful almond-shaped eyes and create a flawless complexion.
After a while, we decided to amp it up with a Nicki Minaj-inspired look!

Jade's flawless skin, almond shaped eyes and full, luscious lips made my job incredibly easy.  It was really fun to see how different colors showed up on her beautiful caramel-colored skin - I, for one, would never be able to pull off that beautiful Urban Decay lippie! 

Wedding Shoot - Fullerton, CA

I am, as ever, lagging behind in updating this blog with my latest projects, so here are some photos of a bridal party that I did at the end of June.  I must admit, I was pretty concerned because it was literally the warmest day of the month and the wedding was outdoors at 3pm - not exactly the best conditions to stay sweat & shine-free if you ask me, but definitely the best conditions to test out the longevity of makeup & setting spray ;).

The beautiful bride, Katy.
Products Used:
Face: Urban Decay Brightening & Tightening Complexion Primer Potion
Sheer Cover Concealer "Light"
Chanel Perfection Lumiere 10 Beige and 30 Beige
Cargo Blue-Ray Powder #10
Urban Decay All-Nighter Spray
Cheeks/Contour/Highlight:  NARS "Laguna" Bronzer
MAC "Wedge" Eyeshadow
Benefit "High Beam"
NARS "Orgasm"
Brows: MAC Brow Pencil "Lingering"
Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion
LORAC Pro Palette "Nude" (Inner corner) "Gold," "Sable," & "Expresso" (Crease)
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner "Bourbon"
Chanel le Volume Mascara "Noir"
MAC Fluidline "Blacktrack"
Lips: Sheer Cover Lipliner "Natural"
MAC Lipstick "Crosswires"

My bride, Katy, was very concerned about looking overdone. She normally does not wear any makeup and wanted to make sure that she still looked like herself. After getting a good idea of what look she wanted (natural, blushing bride look, enhanced features), we were able to achieve a look that she felt comfortable with and a look that would also look great in photos. 

The mother of the bride, Barbara.
Products Used:
Face: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Sheer Cover Concealer "Light"
Chanel Perfection Lumiere 10 Beige and MAKE UP For Ever 127
Cargo Blue-Ray Powder #10
Urban Decay All-Nighter Spray
Cheeks/Contour/Highlight: NARS "Laguna" Bronzer
MAC "Wedge" Eyeshadow
Benefit "High Beam"
Chanel Blush "In Love"
Brows: MAC Brow Pencil "Fling"
Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion
LORAC Pro Palette "Nude" (Inner corner) "Mauve" & "Sable" (crease)
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner "Bourbon"
Chanel le Volume Mascara "Noir"
MAC Fluidline "Blacktrack"
Lips: Chanel Lipliner "Nude"
MAC Lipstick "On Hold"
Barbara, Katy's mom, is not a makeup-wearer by any means.  Her main concern was that she would look like a raccoon and that her face would feel heavy.  I was able to convince her to let me put minimal foundation on her to get the appearance of a flawless complexion so that she would glow in photos. 

 A guest at the wedding, Belen.
Products Used:
Face: Murad Skin Perfecting Primer
Sheer Cover Duo Concealer "Light/Medium"
Graftobian Foundation Creme "Buttermilk"
Chanel Perfection Lumiere 60 Beige and MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream #27
Cargo Blue-Ray Powder #30
Urban Decay All-Nighter Spray
Cheeks/Contour/Highlight: NARS "Laguna" and "Casino" Bronzer
MAC "Wedge" Eyeshadow
Benefit "High Beam"
Chanel Blush "Tweed Sienna"
Brows: MAC Brow Pencil "Lingering" and "Strut"
Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion
LORAC Pro Palette "Nude" (Inner corner), "Sable," "Expresso" & "Slate" (Crease)
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner "Perversion"
MAC Fluidline "Blacktrack"
Lashes: Chanel le Volume Mascara "Noir"
Falsies - a pair I picked up from Downtown LA, but a similar pair from MAC here.
Lips: Chanel Lipliner "Nude"
Tom Ford Lipstick "Pink Dusk"

Belen was so happy with her look that she sent me this photo the next day to show me how well her makeup held up in 100-degree heat & a night of dancing!

Belen, the girlfriend of Katy's brother, had one request: The bolder, the better.  With this in mind, we created a foxy, smoldering smokey eye look for her.  I emphasized her large eyes with dark eyeliner and false lashes from a vendor in DTLA.  With the help of Graftobian's creme foundation, I was able to create the appearance of clear, radiant skin. 
I was so happy to hear that Katy, Barbara, and Belen had no problems with the longevity of their makeup throughout the entire wedding ceremony & the reception that followed.  It was such a rewarding experience to show Katy & Barbara that it was possible to have makeup on without looking (and feeling!) overdone.

A Fresh Start

Hi Everyone!

I'm excited to finally start blogging officially - My friends are constantly asking me for my advice & opinions, and I am oftentimes asked why I do not have a blog.  After all, it is pretty common knowledge around town that I'm quite opinionated and am not afraid to speak my mind, so I will make it my goal here to share my knowledge and tips with my beloved readers.

A little about me:  I am 23 years old, and have been fascinated by makeup since I was a little girl.  I was always amazed by how cosmetics can change a person - not just physically, but also mentally.  There is a certain confidence that a woman exudes when she puts on her Chanel lipstick or a pair of false eyelashes that is indescribable ...and actually pretty magical

As a child, I was not allowed to wear makeup - blame it on my traditional, wonderful Asian mother.  As a result of this, I used to take my sister's old MAC eyeliners and hide them in my backpack.  Once I got to school, I would apply it before homeroom in high school.  My first "luxury" cosmetic product? A Lancome Juicy Tube in Bolole, a delicate, juicy red with gold flecks. 

Fast forward several years and I am now a self-employed freelance makeup artist, as well as a freelance makeup artist for Chanel.  From 9-5, I work in a corporate marketing company within the beauty industry.  I am so blessed to be working in the industry that I am so passionate about every day (literally -- Weekends? What're those?) and this blog will be my outlet to express my thoughts & share my product knowledge.