Contour Game on Point with Senna Cosmetics' Face Sculpting Kit

I will rarely post selfies on this blog, but I just had to share my latest obsession with you guys:  the Face Sculpting Kit from Senna Cosmetics.  Let me tell you - ever since I discovered this amazing product, I have definitely stepped up my contour game.  My hairstylist will gladly tell you (and believe me, he does remind me every time I sit in his chair) that I have an abnormally large head - and, naturally, a large (and flat) face that goes with it.  As a result, I am constantly finding new ways to shape & contour my face with products to give myself the illusion of cheekbones & a higher nose.

The Face Sculpting Kit from Senna is so easy to use that I literally use my fingers to apply & I blend with the brush that is included.  It comes at a hefty price of $48 but I can vouch for this product & its value - it is a perfect blend of shadow & highlight and isn't overly warm like other so-called "contour" products out in the market nowadays.  It was originally developed for use on Desperate Housewives & is now available to the public.  If you're on the fence about trying this product, I say, GO FOR IT!