Hiking in Pasadena

Hi Loves! 

Wow, it's been a while since I've last posted but rest assured that I haven't forgotten about you!  I have several posts that I need to publish so they will be up shortly :).  I wanted to post this collage from the morning that my girlfriend Steph & I went hiking.  You're probably thinking - where are the pics from the view at the top? Well....... Long story short, I was a pansy and made it only halfway :X so I had a brilliant idea to go grab some acai bowls and waffles instead!  We ended up at Sidewalk Cafe, which was just a mile or two down from our hike and shared a delicious acai bowl + waffles!  Now that's my idea of the perfect end to a hike (although I'm sure the view from the top would have been beautiful as well ... ) ! 

PS. How amazing are Steph's brows!?