Wayne Goss Brush Collection - Pics & Prices

Hello Lovelies!

The Collection from Wayne Goss is finally revealed via Beautylish!  Here's a photo of the full collection:

As stated above, the full collection is $210.  I love the black handles and how sleek the collection looks, but I don't know if I will be able to allow myself to splurge $210 on this entire set of brushes.  As Goss mentioned in his promotional Youtube video, these brushes are handmade in Japan and are of exceptional quality.  A quick breakdown on the prices: 

1. Brush 01 - Foundation Brush, $45

2.  Brush 02 - Powder Brush, $35

3. Brush 03 ($32), Brush 04 ($28), Brush 05 ($25)

4. Brush 06 ($25), Brush 07 ($17), Brush 08 ($17)

All of these brushes are multi-functional and can be used pretty much all around the face.  I am extremely intrigued by his foundation brush and eyeshadow brushes.  Decisions, decisions ... 

Will you be biting the bullet for this brush collection?  We've only got less than 2 weeks left to decide - The collection hits September 12th!