How-to 411: Amazing Eyebrows

I never could figure out why my eye makeup always looked off -- that is, until I realized that while our eyes may be the window to the soul, eyebrows are the screws that hold that window together.

via Beautylish
Here is a simple 11-step tutorial to get you on your way to those beautifully groomed brows that we all lust after.  It looks like Kelley Baker (brow artist in Venice) products were used here, but here are the basics to get you started:
  • Brow Pencil and/or brow powder (to fill in your brows)
  • Spoolie (to brush out the powder/pencil to avoid harsh lines)
  • Angled Brush (if you decide to use powder)
  • Concealer Brush (to "clean up" your brows & shape them the way you like after applying powder/pencil)
  • Concealer (a little lighter than your skin tone, use this to clean up your brows/highlight them)
  • Blending Brush (to blend out the concealer)
  • Eyebrow Gel/Wax (to set your hairs and keep them tidy)
For those of you who would like some product recs:
  • I LOVE using MAC "Spiked" Retractable Brow Pencil
  • Whenever I feel adventurous and want to use powders, I just use the browns in my LORAC Pro Eyeshadow Palette - LOVE this product - I must do a review soon!
  • Concealer - I always stick with my trusty Sheer Cover Concealer in "Light"
  • Spoolies - can be purchased on Ebay, Amazon.. but honestly, I just usually take a couple from makeup counters/Sephora when I purchase my other beauty items
I can honestly say that these eyebrow tips will change your life - I know it sure did for me!