Website Up - A Work in Progress

I am so excited to announce that my website ( is officially open for public viewing!  I must admit, I am not the most tech-savvy, so creating my own website was a very daunting thought to me. 

The front page of my site - I have been having problems with my name loading with the correct font, but hopefully this is a one-time deal and I will not have any issues from here on out.

After several months of putting this project off/playing with settings and with the aid of my more computer-literate friends, my site is now at a good starting point.  Since I have a phobia of all things web and HTML, I used to create my site.  This site basically allows you to customize your personal webpage by creating your own layouts & templates without a single HTML code.  I admit that it is probably not as versatile for those of you who want extreme customization and advanced features for your site, but for someone like me who is a web-developing noob, this works just fine ;).